Building the software behind your breakthrough ideas.
We offer highly-specialised expertise in building domain-specific software solutions. Especially in science. Since 2019.
HMND Design is a software development and product design company that specializes in complex business systems and software in gene research, biotech, healthcare, fintech, and AI solutions.
We serve top pharmaceutical companies, scientific research companies and software vendors who serve the fortune 500/1000
We know how to keep secrets. Our secrecy is our competitive advantage, we highly respect NDAs.
Our values
We always look for new and innovative ways to design software. The best way to stay ahead of the competition is to constantly be pushing the boundaries of what is possible.
We empathise with users and place them at the center of our design process. The best way to create a successful product is through understanding the needs of the people who will be using it.
Our solutions are simple and easy to use. We firmly believe that complex designs can be overwhelming and frustrating for users. We constantly help fight over-engineering.
Our designs are elegant and visually appealing. After all, a well-designed product should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. All that without sacrificing the ergonomics.
Deep expertise delivering software solutions in
Sсience & Research
Logistics & Supply chain
ML/AI solutions
Virtual Reality
IT Infrastructure
We provide research services
Drug design
Receptrome Screening
Drug synthesis
How we can help
Consultants & Analysts
Help pinpoint the problem.
Software Designers
Help find the solution.
Software Engineers
Bring the whole thing to life.
Scientific Researchers
In-house subject matter experts.
Our partners
Let’s design the future together
Highlights from the future by HMND
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